2019 Season:
May 16 - September 15
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Tom Dooley's
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Area Tours

the alaska range from a flight tour

A flightseeing trip over Denali will give you a
bird's-eye view of its incredible vastness and awesome beauty. Encounter a gorge, rivers, and mountains. Whether you choose an incredible flightseeing tour into the
mountains, add a glacier landing, decide to climb one of Denali's towering
peaks, or choose to hike in Denali's back country, we will assist you in finding
the right experience.

Denali Zipline Tours offers a thrilling and educational way to experience Alaska's breathtaking natural scenery and awesome wilderness. From the “South side” perspective, the panoramic views of the Alaska Range and Denali National Park are amazing, and the opportunity to see it from a tree-top platform with the boreal forest at your feet and Denali at your brow is unbeatable.  
Alaska Edge Wilderness Tours offers a variety of exciting and informative tours. From nature walks to river rides and practically everything in between makes it easy to find whatever experieince you are looking for. They also have a shuttle service to most places in the region.
Mayhay's Jet Boat Adventures
Phantom Tri-Rivers Charters

Mahay's offers a variety of tours creating an amazing Alaskan experience.  Your entire trip is narrated by Coast Guard approved Captains and trained naturalists.  During your time on the water, you will be within 60 miles of Mt McKinley and experiencing one of the best views of the mountain in the state.  Each of the trips offers a ¼ mile leisurely nature walk at our Adventure Site.
Phantom Tri-River Charters can help you cultivate a lasting memory of your time on the water with unique and one-of-a-kind fishing expeditions in Alaska. Located between Anchorage and Denali National Park, Phantom Tri-River Charters is known for combining the peacefulness of the open water and the thrill of a destination fishing trip into one single package, where you’ll have the opportunity to cast your line like never before.